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For over a decade (17+ years), I have had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous photographers, gaining invaluable experience and honing my craft. My journey has equipped me with the unique ability to seamlessly integrate into various shooting environments and match the lead photographer's style with precision. Whether your vision is dramatic, light and airy, or dark and moody, I can adapt my approach to perfectly complement your desired aesthetic. My versatility and attention to detail ensure that your client's expectations are not only met but exceeded by partnering with me. You’ll benefit from a reliable and skilled associate or second shooter who understands the nuances of different photographic styles and can deliver consistent, high-quality results.Let's work together to create stunning, cohesive images that will leave a lasting impression.Contact me today to discuss how I can support and enhance your next shoot.


Take a look at the gear that I use 

Body and Lenses

I utilize the latest Canon mirrorless bodies (two r5's and an r6 II) for all my shoots, ensuring cutting-edge technology and performance. Additionally, I always carry backup gear, guaranteeing that I have two cameras available at all times. My lens arsenal includes a versatile range: 10-20mm f4, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 24-105mm f2.8, 100mm macro, and 50mm f1.2. This comprehensive setup allows me to capture every moment with precision and creativity.


I employ a diverse range of Profoto lighting gear to enhance my photography. This includes the latest technology such as the B10X and B10X Plus strobes, A1X flashes, and triggers. Additionally, I utilize Flashpoint gear, including AD200 units, to ensure versatile and high-quality lighting options for every shoot. With this setup, I can achieve professional lighting results and bring out the best in every image. I'm a little obsessed with OCF, so no worries, I'll capture the reception like a boss!


In addition to my primary gear, I also have accessories available if needed. This includes drones for aerial photography, as well as a DJI gimbal for both camera setups and iPhones. These accessories allow me to capture behind-the-scenes footage or b-roll seamlessly, adding an extra dimension to the overall production quality of the shoot.
When collaborating with fellow photographers, I bring several additional advantages to the table. Firstly, I provide comprehensive insurance coverage with liability and equipment insurance, ensuring a secure environment for our work. Secondly, in the rare instance of my unavailability, I am committed to finding a replacement of equal proficiency to maintain the project's momentum seamlessly. Thirdly, I prioritize data security by implementing robust backup procedures to safeguard our work. Moreover, despite my wealth of experience, I maintain a passionate commitment to continuous learning and growth. My specialties lie in capturing candid moments and intricate details, infusing each project with a unique perspective. Lastly, my advanced proficiency in Off-Camera Flash (OCF) techniques adds versatility and quality to our collaborative endeavors.

Photographers that I have worked with

Most of these photographers listed I have a consistent working relationship

Locations I've shot at

Superstitions Manor, Garden Tuscana, Windmill Winery, Schnepf Farms, Saguaro Buttes, Corona Ranch, Big Tin Cotton Gin, Knotty Barn, Barn at power ranch, Paseo, Lost Dutchman Heli Pad, The Dolly Steamboat, Canyon Lake, Elvis Chapel, The View at 55th place, Lindsay Grove, Clayton house, Tempe center for the arts, The Wright House, Secret Garden, Boojum Tree, AZ Grand, Fairmont Princess, Phoenician Resort, Bella Rose Estate, Ashley Castle, Wrigley Mansion,Venue at the Grove, Gainey Ranch, Stonebridge Manor, Westin Kierland Resort, Warehouse 215, Soho 63, The Croft, On Jackson, IceHouse,  Chateau Luxe, Rancho De Los Caballeros, Windmill House, Omni, Van Dickson Ranch, Venue at Chilleens, Beach side in Cancun, Dallas Tx, Sedona

Shooting Style Portfolio

Explore my portfolio showcasing three distinct shooting and editing approaches: Film, Moody, and Dynamic styles.